Plant history


Alekseev’s first 3 industrial premises of mechanical workshop   for repair of movement mine were built.


The work of enterprise break down many times, premises have considerably suffered during Revolution.


Work of enterprise is restored.


The total restoration of mechanical workshops of Alekseev’s region.


 The enterprise is a part of electromechanical department of group "Budennovugol". (Budennovcoal)


Electromechanical department is renamed as Central electromechanical workshops (CEMW) of group  "Budennovugol".


Enterprise was destroyed because of the beginning of Great Patriotic War.


Restorative works of enterprise were begun with liberation of  Donbass. New productive buildings were built.


CEMW increases an equipment stock  to 48 items  and stuff to 196 persons, productive area  is reachead 1464 м2


A foundry shop  is put into an operation.


A building of mechanical workshops is put into an operation.


Repair of storage batteries of mine electric locomotives is mastered. An enterprise is renamed into  CEMW of group «Proletarskcoal» (Proletarskugol)


A process room is put into an operation, in which the repair of start-regulation equipment is made.


The enterprise is transferred to industrial complex "Donetskoal" and receives the name Proletarian CEMW.


Due to the further growth of enterprise, expansion of building of industrial premises enterprise receives the new name Budennovsk Machine-building plant IB «Donetsk Coal».


Open Joint Stock Company (OJSC) "BELMAK" becomes the assignee of the state enterprise «Budennovsk Machine-building plant».


The enterprise starts to serial manufacturing of new asynchronous explosion-proof electric motors АДВР and ВКДВ. The participation in the international specialized exhibition «Coal /Mining -2002» (Donetsk).


OJSC  "BELMAK" masters the serial manufacturing of combine electric motors ЭКВ


OJSC  "BELMAK"   "BELMAK" is renamed  into  OJSC  "BELMAK"  "Donbass-electromotor". The series of electric motors of АКД (Р, Т, Х, Н) are put on a mass production. Participating in the international specialized exhibition " Coal/Mining 2004" (Kemerovo, Russia). OJSC  "BELMAK"  of "Donbass-electromotor" gets the reward of  "Leader of industry and enterprise of Ukraine" in All Ukrainian project "Industry and enterprise of Ukraine".


OJSC "Donbass-electromotor" gets the award of  “Leader of industry and enterprise of Ukraine” in the  All Ukrainian  project "Industry and  enterprise of Ukraine", the "100 best commodities of Ukraine" became the winner of the All Ukrainian competition of quality products (commodities, works, services) at regional level in a nomination "Commodities of the technical industrial setting" (an asynchronous three-phase explosion-proof motor  ВКДВ 250).


The enterprise is a part of busyness concern “ENERGO”.  Since November 2007,  OJSC  "Donbass-electromotor" is renamed into OJSC «Donetsk electrotechnical plant»


OJSC "DETP" considerably extends the assortment level of output product. For serial manufacture were put transformer substations of series ВСТП, installations decontamination series  УД-50, quick disconnect connections. In September took place the 10th international specialized exhibition "Coal /Mining -2008", OJSC "DETP» receives the diploma for active participation and the best exposition.


The enterprise serially makes electro-starting equipment of series ПВИД, АВД, УВППД.  An assortment number of output electric motors – series АДВК – one- and two-high-speed electric motors with water cooling is expanded.


Statement on a serial production of electric motors series ВАОД and ЭКВД., explosionproof  transformer substations of series VSTP-KRU, sections of the pipeline, a hardware arch fix.