Management appeal

Donetskiy Electrical Engineering Plant is 95 years. The beginning of plant began in August, 1915 with Alekseev's primitive mechanical workshop. At present days it is a plant, which serially produces a great number of range of mine electrical equipment, known not only in Ukraine but in other countries.

Donetskiy Electrical Engineering Plant produces electric equipment intended for work at the enterprises of coal industry and, including mines, gas-hazardous (methane) and coal dust. Reliable means of explosion protection and intrinsic safety, high quality of constructional and insulating materials, modern technology of manufacturing provide the reliability and safe operation in hazardous industries.

Strategical directions of development of manufacture and mastering of new techniques are defined by plant with specialists of OJSC «Donetsksteel» - metallurgical plant.

For the development of this techniques and its mastering, the high qualification scientists, constructors and technologists were involves by us. There was an equipment jobs by modern facilities for calculation and designing.

For many years Donetskiy Electrical Engineering Plant has close relations with leading institutes in field of protection in mining industry and development of explosion proof electric equipment - MakSII, UkrSIIEE, Donetsk, Dneprodzerzhinsk and Kharkovsk National Technical Universities and others.

The factory introduced advanced technology, modernized production, expanding product range and constantly monitor quality.

For to be successful, to preserve and develop the production, not enough to maintain the current level, it is necessary continually to strive forward. In the stage of development and introduction at the plant there are new wares, worked out up-to-date and protected by patents on inventions and useful models.

We invite you to cooperate with us!

N. Basov
Chair of supervisory committee
PJSC «Donetskiy Electrical Engineering Plant»
A. Matsegora
Chairman of the Board
PJSC «Donetskiy Electrical Engineering Plant»