Explosion proof dry transformer substations series ВСТП-630; ВСТП-1000

Substations type ВСТП are designed to power three-phase current power equipment, installed in un­derground mines, hazardous gas (methane) and coal dust, as well as to provide protection against leakage and overcurrent protection, and in combined networks according to «Rules of safety in coal and shale mines».

Substations are designed for the local market (ГOCT 16837, ГOCT 22782.0), and for supplies to Russia and countries CIS.

Climatic versions substations УХЛ-5 and T 5 according to ГOCT 15150.

Substations by level and type of explosion have execution: PB-4B-3B (Ex-dial) according to TOCT 12.2.020, PB (Exdial) by ГOCT P 51380.1. Degree of protection shells of substation not below IP 54 by ГOCT 14254.

Explosion-proof, dry transformer substations of type ВСТП-1000/6-1,2 and BCTП1-630/6-1,2/0,69, different from analogical substations:

  • increased by magnet core, expected fori 00% loading during all tenure of employment, unlike KTT1B, counted on the 60% loading;
  • some increase of mass of electrical engineering iron and transformer copper allows to increase reli­ability and longevity of work of substations, that ranks together them with the before produced substations of series TCLUBn, working on coal enterprises for 30 and more;
  • by the construction of case with deep bumps and separation the air interval of subzero distribution equipment from active part, that improves the thermal mode of transformer and work of apparatus.
  • enhanced magnetic circuit, made a larger cross section (13% compared with КТПВ) to withstand the stated capacity of 630 kVA and 1000, taking into account short-term technological overloads;
  • performed other than the unique body design of the power transformer, which allows to improve the thermal conditions of operation substations: corrugated casing and recessed low voltage switchgear compartment separated by an air gap with an additional shell;
  • enhance the design of high voltage disconnectors.