Explosion proof dry transformer substations series ВСТП-КРУ-1000/6-3(3,3); ВСТП-КРУ-1000/6-1,20/0,69; ВСТП-КРУ-1250/6-1,20/0,69

Explosion-proof, dry type transformer substations, series ВСТП-КРУ (hereinafter referred to as "Substation") are designed to convert high voltage to low voltage of 6 kV voltage 3.0 (3.3), 1.20 and 0.69 kV in order to supply 3-phase power equipment AC, 50 Hz, as well as for control, protection from short circuit currents, leakage and overload of power equipment in underground mines, dangerous on gas (methane) or coal dust.

Substations are performance-PB-4B 3ВИа. Substation secondary voltage 3 (3.3) kV in Ukraine was developed for the first time. There are analogues, which are designed and manufactured by leading foreign firms of Great Britain, France, Germany, and operated in Russia and foreign countries. Substations consist of radically new design with new technical solutions, the actual transformer and terminal boxes for voltage 3 (3.3) or 1.20 / 0.69 kV.

РУ, housing and terminal box are unified. Each substation consists of a dry air-cooled transformer closed in explosion proof housing.

In the РУ is located in a separate explosion-proof isolator chamber, gas-contactor-breaker type Rollars French company, "Schneider" (Merlin Zherin) at 400 A, 7.2 kV, 12 kA breaking capacity, i.e. much greater than the possible short-circuit currents in the shaft of the distribution network, a voltage transformer 6000/127 V, current sensors, power protection Short-circuit currents, leakage and overload protection, remote control unit, ammeter, voltmeter, kiloommetr.

Provides local and remote control (switching on and off) substation. In РУ substation at 3 (3,3) kV mounted shorting, which is disconnected disconnector shorts with a low phase of each other and to the grounded housing.

The presence of the disconnector in a separate explosion-proof chamber provides an opportunity to open РУ and a box of outputs, and maintain the substation without disabling КРУВ and, thus, without disrupting other substations that feed on this КРУВ.

Since РУ serve КРУВ, these substations without restrictions on the number and capacity can be connected to one КРУВ.

In the substation provides impact of gas protection device in a line remote shutdown stations and power of this unit voltage 36 V, and lighting circuits - voltage 127V.

All devices of the management and protection of the substation mounted on withdrawable chassis and are equipped with plug-in connectors for convenience, inspection and replacement of vehicles and chassis units.

The substation provides the following functions:

  • inclusion-off, including operative;
  • local and remote control;
  • protect connections against short circuit, overload, and reduce treatment not fullphaze insulation;
  • supply chain automation and external lighting;
  • indication on the status of the substation is triggered and protection;
  • the ability to connect the gas and other protections