PJSC «Donetskiy Electrical Engineering Plant» pro­duces thorough overhaul of equipment:

  • explosion proof asynchronous motors with short - circuited rotor of series АДВР, ВКД (В, М), ВАО, ВАО-2, 2ВР, 3ВР, ЭДКОФ(В), АИУМ;
  • explosion proof phase-wound rotor motor series BAOK, MA 36;
  • explosion proof combine electric motors by Ukrainian and foreign production of series ЭДКО, ЭКВ (Э, К, Ж), SG (S, Р), JOY, dksWa, PK, HOC;
  • electric motors of general fulfillment of series A, AO, 4A, AИP, AMУ;
  • crane motors, series MT (H, F, K, KH);
  • synchronous, asynchronous machines of СД, СДС, СДВ, СДН, ДАЗО, АКН, АК, АЗНВ on the place of installation;
  • booster fan BM (ЭУ,Э, Ц, П);
  • transformer substations of series ВСТП, ТСШВП, ТСВП, КТПВ
  • mine starter ПВИ (Б, БТ, БТМ, Р, Т, МР), ПМВИР, ПРВМ;
  • switches of mine starters of explosion series AB, ABB, ABД;
  • aggregates of starting shaft series АПШ-1, АПШ-2;

The plant is fitted with modern technical equip­ment both specialized and universal, is widely used ad­vanced technologies, and uses a production of high qual­ity modern materials. Specialists of our enterprise are ready to perform settlement and design of special or explosion proof motors, including the voltage and pow­er frequency of supply mains, used in foreign countries. The enterprise possesses practice of producing unique electric motors with further their industrial test and de­livery for serial production.


Repair if necessary, may include replacement of active iron stator and rotor, producing of specialized rotor. Enterprise produces the modernization and re­storing working capacity of electric equipment, before considering nonrepairable of melting of alu­minum rotor by adding their rotor with alumi­num copper or copper-brass «squirrel cage».

Repair is carried out as soon as possible, upon adoption of tech­nology. The service of quality of enterprise en­ters an acceptance test of basic materials, used at repair and manufac­turing (enameled wire, bearings, etc.). The war­ranty for repaired elec­tric equipment ranges from 6 to 12 months from date of exploitation. The repair finishes by complex of tests of elec­trical equipment.

Model list of works performed in the repair of explosion-proof electric motors of voltage 6 kV, 3,3 kV, 1140V, 660V, 380V with rigid sections or mush stator windings.

  1. Disassembly, cleaning, defective assembly units and parts.
  2. Reeling of rigid sections, remove the old isolation, description sections.
  3. If necessary manufacturing of a new stator pack
  4. Isolation (if necessary replacement) section and laying.
  5. Vacuum-delivery impregnating compound in canner with application of sheathing compound. Dry­ing winding, a covering of front parts.
  6. Reestablishment of the diametrical and linear dimension of a rotor by pad weld and mechanical op­eration with the subsequent dynamic balancing on the balancing machine.
  7. Dynamical balancing of rotor and fan.
  8. If necessary overpress of rotor body or manufac­turing of new one.
  9. Reestablishment of surfaces explosion proof on the case and details explosion proof enclosure with fur­ther control at the hydrostand.
  10. Replacement of nonconductor, plastic, rubber and fixing details.
  11. Replacement of bearings.
  12. Assembly, painting, bench testing by program of acceptance of delivery, according to ГOCT 183.
  13. Issuance of Technical - Readiness Report.

If necessary and by agreement with the client the list of active job can be extended. The typical list of the works which are carried out at thorough overhaul of devices commutation electrical low voltage:

  • disassembly and clearing;
  • description assembly units and details;
  • restoration of damaged, worn-out items and damages;
  • hydro-testing of explosion proof enclosure;
  • replacement of assembly unit and details;
  • replacement contactors;
  • replacement of disconnect switches;
  • replacement of control module and protection;
  • tests repaired equipment.

PJSC "DEEP" can carry out repairs of major stationary electric cars on site: synchronous machines types of СДН, СДВ, СДС, asynchronous slip-ring motors types AK, AT.