Explsion proof motors series АДВК 250, 315, 355

Motors asynchronous explosion proof AДBK 250, 315,355 are designed for operation from AC 50Hz volt­age of 1140 V as a drive scraper and conveyor belts, heading machines, pumping stations and cranes (scraper), stationary and other drive mechanisms and machines with similar modes of operation, in the pins and coal mines, dangerous for the content of coal mine gas (methane) and (or) coal dust, according to «Rules of Safety in Coal Mines» (НПАОП 10.0 -1.01 -05).

Motors fit the requirements of ГOCT 183, ГOCT 22782.0, ГOCT 22782.5, ГOCT 22782.6, ГOCT 24719 for deliveries to the internal market and ГOCT 28173, ГOCT P 51330.0, ГOCT 51330.1, ГOCT P 51330.10, ГOCT P 51330.20 for export to the countries CIS).

Technical parameters in modes other than S1, stipulated in the technical documentation with the concurrence of the application to work in the desired mode. Allowable deviation from the nominal values ​​of the indicators - according to ГOСT 183.

Motors are mounting execution IM2001, IM3001 ГOCT 2479.

Motors have temperature protection of stator windings type TP121A ГOCT 27888 and ГOCT 27917.

Method of motor cooling - ICW37 ГOCT 20459. Case of motor is cylindrical steel, chilled mine water containing suspended particles is not more than 1000 mg/m3. There is cooling water temperature of plus 1° C to plus 25° C. There are operating pressure for the collected cooling system - up to 2 MPa, the test pressure not less than 3 MPa, flow rate of cooling water - 40 L/min.

The type and level of explosion protection ГOCT 12.2.020 (ГOCT P 51330.0 - for deliveries to countries CIS):
PB 3BИa - for the local market;
PB Exdial - for delivery to export to countries CIS.