Explosion proof motors series АДВР, АДВРП, АДВР-М

Asynchronous motors series АДВР, АДВРП are intended for work from the network of alternating current by frequency 50 Hertz as a drive of different mechanisms in pits and mines, dangerous on mainte­nance mine gas (methane) and (or) black dust accord­ing to «Rules of safety in the coal mines» of НПАОП 10.1-1.01-05. The motors AДВР-M are intended for booster fans.

Type of climatic motors, made for an internal market - У2,5, and for delivery in countries CIS-У2,5; УХЛ2,5 for ГOCT 15150. Motors satisfy the requirements ГOCT 183, ГOСT 22782.0, ГOCT 22782.5, ГOCT 22782.6, ГOCT 24719, ГOCT P 51330.0, ГOCT P 51330.1, ГOCT P 51330.10, ГOCT P 51330.20.

Motors are made for voltage 1140, 660, 380 V.

Cooling method of engines - ICA0141 by ГOCT 20459.

Degree of defense of motors and terminal box IP54 by ГOCT 17494, ГOCT 14254, outdoor blower (at its presence) from the side of entrance of air-IP20.

Motors have temperature defense of winding stator of type TP111 by ГOCT 27888 and ГOCT 27917.The electric chain of temperature defense of sparkle proof of level Иa by ГOCT 22782.5 (ia for TOCT P 51330.10). Temperature defense is executed to the nominal temperature of operation 160-165°C for the class of isolation of H and 140-145°C for class of isolation F.

The type and level of explosion protection motors:
PB 3BИa - for deliveries to the internal market
PB Exdial - for delivery on an export in countries CIS.