Explosion proof motors series ВКДВ 250, 315

Asynchronous motors ВКД250, BKДB250, BKДB315 are intended for work from the network of alternating current by frequency 50 Hz as a drive scraping and belt conveyer, development machine, pump stations and load­ers (scraping), stationary installations, and also drives of other motors and machines with similar working system in mines, dangerous on maintenance mine gas (methane) and (or) black dust according to «Rules of safety in the coal mines» (HПАОП 10.0-1.01-05).

To drive the stationary mines and pits, dangerous content by firedamp (methane) and (or) coal dust sizes are VKDV series engines 250, 315 VKDV interchangeable on installation and connection dimensions with engine types 2VR250, 2VR280, BaO2-280-BaO2 315, for the export of ABP-250, AVR-280, 3AVR-315 and to drive the tunnellers VAOPK.

Type of climatic motors, made for an internal market - У2,5, and for delivery in countries CIS - У2,5; УХЛ2,5 for ГOCT 15150. Degree of defense of motors and terminal box of motors of all sizes and types BKДB250 - IP56, outdoor blower from the side of entrance of air - IP20 by ГOCT12.2.020,

The method of engine cooling-ICA0141 by ГОСТ Р 20459.

The type and level of explosion protection motors:
PB 3BИa - for deliveries to the internal market by ГОСТ 12.2.020
PB Exdial - for export delivery to countries CIS by ГOCT P 51330.0.