Explosion proof combine motors ЭКДВ4-180ТВ, ЭКДВ-285Т, ЭКДВ3,5-22-01

Three-phase asynchronous motors short-explosion-proof type ЭКВД are designed for drive coal combines, used in coal and shale mines, hazardous gas (methane) and coal dust.

The motor ЭКВД4-180TB is designed to drive the working parts clean coal combines, completed with electric SG7W455L-4 production Darnel, motor ЭКВД5-285T is designed for drive coal-cutting machine for long face 4SL20 (production JOY MINING MACHINERY).Mo­tor three-phase asynchronous shorted explosion proof ЭКВДЗ,5-22-01 is designed to drive the feed coal-combine MB 410E, production T Machinerya.s. (Czech Republic), used in coal and shale mines, hazardous gas (methane) and coal dust.

Type of climatic performance and category placement motor, supplied to the local market and for sup­ply to the countries CIS - У5.

The motors ЭКДВ4-180ТВ, ЭКДВ-285Т are designed to work in continuous operation S1 by ГOCT 183-74. It also allowed up to 40 c/h at FJ = 1,6 and maintaining power at a nominal three-phase AC 50 Hz voltage of 1140 V with synchronous speed 1500 per/min.

The motor ЭКВД3,5-22-01 is designed for a frequency-controlled electric drive when the frequency range 5-120 Hz and a voltage of 660V.

Rated voltage 500V, frequency 50Hz.

Degree of protection - IP55.

Method of motor cooling -ICW 37 (water-cooling the body). Water consumption -20 L/min.

Class of isolation stator - is H «monolith».

The motor is made with a copper rod winding rotor.

The motor provides the type and level of explosion PB-3B (Exdl for export).