Motors 2ЭКВЭ4М-200 for shearers

The motors are designed to drive shearers PKУ10, PKУ13, ГШ 200Б, ГШ 200B working in the coal and shale mines, dangerous on gas (methane) and coal dust.

Motors are following the execution of explosions: PB 3B ГOCT 12.2.020 (local market) and Exdl ГOCT 12.2.020 (exports to countries CIS).

Type of climatic motors, made for an internal market - У5. Degree of motor protection - IP54.

Motors have insulation class H thermal stability according to ГOCT 8865. Method of motor cooling is ICW37 (water cooling) in accordance with ГOCT 20459.

In motors 2ЭKBЭ4M-200 is used rod rotor windings of copper rods, welded together with brass rings, short-circu­iting, that ensures reliable operation electric motors with frequent launches, overload, threw downloads, etc.