Explosion proof motors ВАОД-280, 315, 355

Motors are designed for work of three-phase of alternating current by frequency 50 Hz as a drive of stationary machines and mechanisms in underground coal and shale mines, hazardous gas (methane) and (or) coal dust.

Climatic execution in accordance with ГOCT 15150-69: to supply the internal market-У2,5, for delivery to export to countries CIS - УХЛ2,5.

Method of motor cooling IC0151 ГOCT 20459-87.

Motors up to 200 kW produced by the voltage 380/660 and 1140/660V, motors over 200 kW - to voltage 1140/660V.

Degree of protection IP54 according to ГOCT 17494-87, the degree of protection outdoor fan from the side of entrance of air IP20. The type and level of explosion protection - PB-3BИa ГOCT 12.2.020-76 for deliveries to the internal market and PB Exdial ГOCT P 51330.0-99 - for deliveries to countries CIS.