Aggregates starting mine АПШД

Are designed for manual feeding of the power volt­age of 127V or 220V, lighting, automation and alarm circuits, there is also an opportunity to connect local lighting power up to 0,2 kW.

Electric scheme unit АПШД provides protection from short circuit currents in the off-power circuits and in the primary winding of power transformer, overload protection fueled power equip­ment, protection against leakage to earth; blocking the inclusion of off-adherence with a decrease of insulation resistance of power cables below the critical value, protection against loss of controllability at breakage or excessive increase in resistance to ground contamina­tion and the closure of the chain remote control, zero protection; protection against self-coupling with in­creasing supply voltage.

Each off-accession can take place reversing elec­tric hand tools. Perhaps there is feeding current of col­lectors 220 or 127V.