Actuators of explosion spark-proof series ПВИД

Actuators of explosion - spark proof series ПВИД are designed for remote turning on and off three-phase asynchronous motors with shorted rotors in three-phase AC networks with frequency of 50 Hz with an isolated neutral transformation of the torus in the coal mines, dangerous methane and/or coal dust, as well as for protection against short circuit and overload in the off-power circuits.

Starters are made in reverse execution (switching by means of the disconnector). Starters are designed to control a motor or two independent electric motors.

Starters do not exert electromagnetic interference on the control circuit protection, telecommunications, involved in the overall cable network station. Types of climatic execution starters УХЛ5 by ГOCT 15150.

Successfully applied contactors “HANSEN”, blocks БДУ4-2, БK3-3MK and Б3-2.