Softstater УВППД

Intended for the smooth starting of asynchronous electric motors in coal mines, gas hazardous(to meth­ane) and coal dust, equipped by the thyristor module which provides the smooth increase of moment during starting.

Devices are executed in a single compact case and execute all functions of actuator.

Assume connecting of two or more motors, on condition of their total working current of no more nominal current of device.

Limitation of dynamic (impulsive) moments during starting of mining machines, for example, of belt conveyers, pumps, fans etc. provides a deсrease on me­chanical transmissions and muffs, that in the total ab­breviates the wear of mechanical elements of all drive system and prolongs longevity of this equipment.

The device of type (Soft - start) is created on the basis of modern technology of semiconductor elements (thyristors) and electronic (digital) chart of management. Chris provides tuning of the required starting cycle indexes. A device is adjusted to cooperating with all types of three-phase asynchronous motors with shorted cir­cuited.