Decontamination installation УД-50

Installation is intended for decontamination of coal beds and containing rock at clearing works and carrying out of mine working at building, operating and closed mines dangerous on gas and dust.

Installation can be operated both is independent in the local scheme of decontamination, and in common (serially) with fixed plant as the first gas-suction a link of all mine decontamination networks.

Installation can be placed in underground opening of mines pit heads, in which ДНАОП 1.11-30-1.01 and allowed the use of electrical equipment in the performance PB.

Watering of development shouldn't exceed 2 m3 per hour.

Ambient temperature at installation work should be in the range 5-35C.

Relative humidity % is no less than 90.

Barometric pressure of MPa is 0,107±0,013.